About CAPM® Certification

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification credential is a global, time tested credential accepted globally over the last 25 years. It recognizes your capability to employers, clients and colleagues you follow a structured knowledge, experience and skills aligning to PMI’s global standards to bring projects to successful completion. Industries as diverse as Oil and Gas, Aerospace, IT, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Automotive, Banking/Financial services etc. have come to rely on PMI credentials when they are embarking complex and business/safety critical projects.


Introduction, Project Management Context and PM Process groups Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project HR Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Integration Management

Special Topics

  • Work Breakdown structure
  • Earned value management
  • Network techniques
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Quality Assurance and Quality controls

Professional Responsibility for Project Managers


Venue: PMIS Consulting, Sanjeevareddy Nagar, Hyderabad

Advantages that distinguish our CAPM®Examination Preparation Training Program

  • Following up/guiding the participant until he/she appears for the PMI PMP® Certification Examination
  • Working with fellow project managers, participants will discuss their experiences and concerns in
  • context with industry practices as they get training and follow up
  • Most importantly, participants will use/experience a real life tools, techniques, templates etc
  • The Course shall be extended and enhanced by the Project Management (PM) Extensions for the Application Area-specific knowledge and practices.

Workshop Fee: INR 8,999.00 or special offer's available for groups/early birds

The Fee includes classroom training + a copy of material / question papers & answers Please contact us for further details on Corporate or Group or Early bird discounts.

CAPM Schedules

PMIS Workshop Dates IST Time Abroad Time Free Demo EB closing  EB Sessions
CAPM Jul-17
Regular-E July 24th-Aug 10th 6.30-9pm 6am-8.30am (PDT/USA) July 12th July 15th Jul 19th-21st
Hyd-FT July 27th-30th 9am-6pm Confirmed * July 15th July 22nd July 24th
CAPM  August-2017
Regular-M Aug 2nd - 24th  7.30-9.30am 7pm-9pm (PDT/USA) July 24th July 24th July 31st
Weekends1 5th,6th,12th,13th  9am-6pm   July 24th July 22nd July 29th
Hyd-FT1 10th-13th  9am-6pm   July 24th July 29th Aug 5th
Weekends2 19th,20th,26th,27th   9am-6pm   July 29th Aug 5th Aug 12th
8-days-US 19,20,26,27 & Sep2,3,9,10 6.30-10.30pm 6am-10am (PDT/USA) July 15th Aug 5th Aug 12th
Hyd-FT2 23rd-27th 9am-6pm   Aug 12th Aug 12th Aug 19th
CAMP Sep-17
Weekends1 Sep 2nd,3rd,9th,10th 9am-6pm   Aug 12th Aug 19th Aug 26th
Regular-M Sep 4th-26th 7.30-9.30am 7pm-9pm (PDT/USA) Aug 19th Aug 26th Sept 2nd
Hyd-FT1 Sep 7th -10th 9am-6pm   Aug 19th Aug 26th Sept 2nd
Mumbai FT1 Sep 11th-14th 9.30am-6pm NaviMumbai/Andheri Aug 26th Sept 2nd Sept 9th
Weekends2 Sep 16th,17th,23rd,24th 9am-6pm   Aug 26th Sept 2nd Sept 9th
Regular-E Sep 18th-Oct 5th 6.30pm-9pm 6am-8.30am (PDT/USA) Sept 2nd Sept 9th Sept 16th
CAMP Oct-17
Regular-M Oct 4th-26th 7.30am-9am 7pm-8.30pm (PDT/USA) Sept 16th Sept 23rd Oct 3rd
Weekends1 Oct 7th-8th;14th-15th 9am-6pm   Sept 16th Sept 23rd Oct 3rd
8-days-US Oct 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29 6.30-10.30pm 6am-10am (PDT/USA) Sept 16th Sept 23rd Oct 3rd
Hyd-FT1 Oct 12th-15th 9am-6pm   Sept 23rd Oct 3rd Oct 7th
Weekends2 Oct 21st-22nd;28th-29th 9am-6pm   Oct 3rd Oct 7th Oct 14th
Hyd-FT Oct 26th-29th 9am-6pm   Oct 7th Oct 14th Oct 21st



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